was sagen meine teilnehmer?

Viki Hollmann: Jan 18

It's a pleasure for me to go Rita's class and to meet other students. In this relaxed and friendly atmosphere you lose fear of making mistakes and you have the chance to improve your English skills. It's great training for speaking more fluently and confidently.




Eline Brons: June 2020

I've been going to Rita’s conversation lessons for a couple of years.


It is always a lot of fun and the themes we talk about are very up to date.


I learned al lot during the years and only by practicing a language you don’t loose it.


So Rita, thank you again. You are the perfect teacher for me!


Norbert Beccarelli: June 2020

It's a pleasure learning English at Rita's.


You can see that she loves to teach. 


It's fun learning English with other students in a small class at a big table. 


The lessons are interesting and entertaining. 


Rita is a happy person and I'm glad to be one of her student.  


Davide Migliorelli: Oct 17

"i couldn't find a better way to describe rita's lessons. they were a mixture of learning and amusement/fun. she was  a great teacher to me and her lessons were really fruitful and fascinating"




Silvana Capaul: Jan 21


I was able to count on Rita's help when I had to write a scientific report in English for my studies. She helped me find the right translations and improve the flow of my text. Rita always found a very appropriate choice of words and was able to support me at a high level. At the same time, she made sure that I learned something in the process. The whole thing was done via email contact and made the exchange much easier. I will gladly come back to you again!


Martina Fasel: Jan 18

Rita‘s teaching is challenging but also exciting and amusing. She loves what she does, that makes learning great