meine aktuelle kurse ab 26.08.21:

a new starter/beginner A1 course started in february 21. call/e-mail me if interested in this course!

every thursday, 1330-1445

this course with 4 ladies at the moment will resume end of august 21. we are in unit 4/10 in the book. we meet every wednesday, 1000-1130.  call/e-mail me if interested in this course for a free trial lesson!

i have  prepared a few students to sit the FCE and CAE  exams successfully.  having  sat  the  CPE myself, I know exactly what's required and stay up to date with regular Cambridge English Exams seminars . ring me  for more! currently, i'm preparing students on a 1:1 basis, lessons are always tailor made

we meet on a fortnightly basis on thursdays from 0830-1000. this course is perfect for those who've just finished at elementary level and would like to practise what they've learnt by speaking english regularly on a variety of topics

this ongoing  conversation course takes place every  fortnight on wednesdays 0830-1000 am at my english studio. you can join in after a free trial lesson at any time. please contact me if you are interested. 5 amazing and motivated  ladies and gentleman at the moment.